23 reasons to love February 25

“The best things in life are unexpected.” ~Eli Khamarov

Little runner boy

I had no room to like anything else in February. I am the oldest of four children, all three except me, were born in February. Yep. I was all booked up. Then I decided to take my last gen ed senior year. And that my friends is where it began. The class was really interesting but I wasn’t really there. I was going back and forth from my internship and as it was Spring semester of my senior year, my senioritis has reached epic levels.

But something did catch my attention, sitting in a chair across the way to my right a couple seats down. He was attractive, really attractive. I joke that I saw him and liked him cause he looked like Big Ben Roethlisberger but that doesn’t do it justice. Big Ben’s got nothing on mine.

Attraction then turned into silly annoyance. I think it was cause this guy was giving me a run for my money. He’ll call it charm. Ha! I remember coming home from class and telling my roommate how cocky he seemed as he’d perch up on his chair in lab in the Bengals shirt he’d wear. Man he got under my skin. We talked for a bit in lab until he declared we could never be friends. Well naturally. I was from Pittsburgh and therefore a die hard Steelers fan and he was from Cincinnati and for reasons I still haven’t figured out, a hard core Bengals fan. Oh well. His loss right. Damn if I couldn’t stop thinking about that guy. Attraction and initial annoyance seems to be the right combination cause here we are almost three years later and I ended up clearing some space in my busy February for a day that has come to mean the world to me.

23 reasons I love February 25th and what comes with it

1. I laugh more than I ever did
2. Get to go watch men in short shorts run around in circles 🙂
3. It gave me someone who not only encourages me in everything I do but someone who always has my back
4. I always have a smile on my face
5. My plate on the wall will have the best next door neighbor one could ask for
6. I have the perfect partner for lazy Sundays
7. I have someone to learn with, grow with and explore with
8. Looking forward to New Years now and new traditions
9. I have someone who challenges me to be the best person I can be but is patient with me when I fail
10. I have someone to dream with
11. The Obsession is gone, even if for a few short months
12. I have a partner to go around town with hunting for places that will have the right football games on
13. It came with not only him but an amazing family and a wonderful group of friends to add to the crew
14. I’ve seen the making of a true leader
15. I’ve witnessed passion coupled with hard work as it leads to success
16. I’ve had to stop making fun of figure skating
17. I’ve witnessed perseverance through injury payoff  in a major way
18. Monkey’s Simmie Shake
19. Even the most mundane things now bring excitement, fun and laughter
20. I’ve been introduced (and am actually starting to like) to country music
21. I gave me someone I look forward to talking to, seeing, and playing with every single day
22. I’ve learned how to give someone a mohawk and bake cakes
23. It gave me my best friend and partner in crime

There are so many reasons why February 25th means so much to me but 23 will have to do for now. I’ll tell you more when you’re older 😉 Happy 23rd Runner Boy!


12 thoughts on “23 reasons to love February 25

  1. Oh this is just the cutest! I want to meet boy! Bring him on a run even if I only get to meet him for a second before he takes off with the Fasties! (Sooooooooooo missed you last night. Really. : )

    • I know, he’d love it! We’d see him for the first part and then catch up with him for the beer 🙂 I missed you too!!! How was it? I’m so sad I couldn’t come. Boo. Next week girl, we’re on it!

  2. A Bengals fan and a Steelers fan? What will the kids do?!

    I love it though. I’m so obsessed with sports that I was sort of relieved that my manfriend had no interest in sports whatsoever. I could not look at him the same way if he were like, a Yankees fan or something. Lord knows, I probably wouldn’t have given him a chance.

    People’s mouths drop when I tell them that though. Seriously, when I first started talking to my family about him, conversations would go something like this:

    family member: is he catholic?
    me: no
    family member: well that’s ok. what football team does he like?
    me: um, he doesn’t really like sports
    family member: HE DOESNT LIKE SPORTS?!$%^&*(!

    yes, it seems football/baseball trumps religion.

    • We’re working out our differences.

      HAHAHA. I like your family 🙂 I don’t know what Ben would do if he didn’t like sports. I’d be like well kid, I’m going to watch football all weekend, see you monday! See you’re hilarious, please start a blog asap. Thanks!

      • I’m really considering it (the blog).

        W/my manfriend, it is total role reversal. On Saturday nights in the fall, I’ll be like “I’ll be over after Notre Dame is over, unless they end up down by 4 touchdowns, in which case I will be over sooner”. And when Notre Dame has a night game….I tell him to hang out with his brothers. I don’t really like watching with him because he doesn’t appreciate it as much as I do. One time I was stressing out because I couldn’t find my lucky jersey for an Eagles game and he was like “You’re not playing! it doesn’t matter!”

        Now, I really miss football season 😦

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