The Story We Share

“Some of my favorite growing up memories involve books – reading them and being read to, shopping for them and writing them.” ~Knight Stivender

Larger than life library in Amsterdam. Part of New Yorker's Book Bench's project 1,000 words.

I would like to introduce you to a newfound friend of mine, Knight. For now, you will have to virtually meet her but I promise, even though it seems like merely words on a computer screen, you will love her.  I mean,that’s how we know each other-through a screen, or at least till I can actually break away and make it to one of these On Nashville meetup. But I have been inspired by her, her passion and how she sees the world and people around her. She is a self-professed learner and that in itself makes us kindred spirits.

Whether she’s talking about running, her daughter, gardening, music or the 10 things that make her smile in the morning, she connects. She’s a learner, connector, and a fantastic writer.

A couple weeks ago she asked to talk to me about children’s literature and my favorite books. Check out our conversation in her post today about how she fell in love with reading from writing her autobiography under the pen name Catherine Comb in third grade, to haunting the nooks and crannies of local bookstores throughout college.

Where I wish I was today on this beautiful day in Nashville. Also part of the 1,000 Words project.

“Funny how other people’s lives – even lives imagined – can have such an impact on your own. You are snuggled up in bed, reading your friend’s book while you wait for your daughter to wake up and ask you for breakfast. When she crawls under the comforter with you, her own book in hand (which  she borrowed from her uncle, who borrowed it from his mother), you feel compelled to write. We are all sharing one big story.” Read more

Knight says in her post she’s kind of jealous that I get to travel with work.  Well, truth be told, I’m kind of jealous of her job too, writing. I am fascinated by words and intrigued and inspired by those who write them. Although I was hesitant at first to get into this whole blogging thing, I am so thankful I did. I have met the most amazing people, and have an excuse to write.

Knight’s right- we are all sharing one big story. How did your love story with writing and books start?


6 thoughts on “The Story We Share

  1. Mine actually started at the age of 17. Until then, I was a self-proclaimed book hater. I’ve gone from that, to wanting to become a full-time writer.

    I think the problem growing up is that I was never introduced to books that I was interested in. Instead, I was forced to read books that I cared nothing about. My mom and dad are not avid readers, so there was no encouragment from home either.

    Once I was given a book that was interesting to me, my desire to read and write escalated in no time. And here I am! 🙂


  2. A third grade teacher, who caught the fact that I did not read, but mimic. She taught me and opened up wonderful new worlds, I read “Gone With the Wind” in about 4th grade. I can and do read everything I can, like food, some books I like more then others, I have only kept a few, because I pass them on, for the joy of reading, and sharing.
    And love to write, give me a sentence, and the words and story can flow. I took English 1, in college a few years ago, and it impacted in ways I cannot thank Brenda Barrett for ever! Again another teacher! I did a free flow about the stories waiting in my pencil, that only required a moment and paper. I was truly suprised. Paper is not always needed just a child who needs to listen for a moment, that I love. Someday maybe I will write that book, but till then thank goodness for all who write for me to read, and teachers who love to teach reading. It was a gift used everyday!

  3. I know Knight! We worked together at The Tennessean, but I am sure she couldn’t place me anymore. She is lovely!

    Reading, Writing, Arithmetic. I’ll take the first two ONLY. I’ve loved to read and write, forever and ever. As a kid I devoured The Box Car Children, RL Stine, The Baby Sitters Club, Sweet Valley High and so much more. Somewhere, my mom has stacks and stacks of bound notebooks where I wrote “books” and I always entered writing contests. My love for reading and writing lead me to earn a degree in Journalism. Now, in Nashville, there is a group of about 5 of us who all swap books!

    1 particular copy of My Sister’s Keeper went from my former roommate to me, to Birmingham, to Charlotte, to NYC and back to someone else in Nashville. Pretty cool, huh?

    Read on!

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