Hello. My name is Jaye and I am a news junkie.

“We’re newspaper junkies; I can’t imagine life without a newspaper.” ~Sally Quinn

I have always been a learner, someone who thrives off new things and meeting interesting people.  After I graduated with a journalism degree and found myself in a position where I could no longer question, learn, interview people and write all day, I needed to find a way to get my fix.

I was a student of a journalism program that melded not just writing but also web and video reporting. My addiction was well developed by the time I graduated and an hour long news program before I went to work simply wasn’t enough.

For four years, I had been told as a journalism student that was taught newspapers were dead. I read my news online each morning but still had a very romanticized view of getting the paper in the morning and wanted to give it a try. There is just something about walking outside to greet the morning and picking up the paper on your walkway. Something about opening it up and flipping through while the coffee drips that you can’t get from a computer. I know this is the digital age, the age of the Kindle, iPad and interactivity but I want the real thing first. I may be naive but even though traditional news media has been turned on it’s head recently, I don’t think papers will ever go away. They are changing for sure but to be eliminated totally? I hope not. Coincidentally, as someone who works in the book publishing business, I feel the same way about books, but that’s a whole different blog post.

I do however absolutely agree that journalism is changing which I feel is good for both the content providers and the readers. Content providers, including papers, reporters, producers, have more platforms to show their work and connect with readers. Readers such as myself are able to learn more about the subject of the story and connect with the writers. Journalism is interactive now which for a junkie like me, is perfect.

I did end up getting a subscription to my local paper, The Tennessean and I have loved getting the paper in the morning. What’s so great about that is not only do I read the story in the morning but then during the day, when I check their site I can go deeper, see more pictures, connect to similar links, comment on the story etc. That’s why I’m excited about the future of journalism! Not only that but through social media, I have been able to get to know these storytellers in my city. I feel invested in them and when I see a story but one it’s like picking up a new book by my favorite author. Reporters now have readers who are invested in them and their work. I think this new two way journalism is not scary, but exciting! Change is coming but change is good.

How do you get your news? What are some funny news stories you’ve heard recently?


6 thoughts on “Hello. My name is Jaye and I am a news junkie.

  1. I love this. Love love love this. I too am a news junkie and have been told by more than one former boyfriend that they often feel interviewed when I am simply asking how there day went.

    Newspapers are in my heart and soul, as someone with a journalism major – but also as the daughter of the editor and chief of The Pensacola News Journal. My mom wrote for more than a decade for newspapers and my brother graduated with a journalism degree and has worked for 2 different papers since that time.

    I have a Saturday Sunday subscription to The Tennessean and I love it. It’s everything you mentioned above. Other than The Tennessean, my #1 news addiction is Good Morning America. I guess it says something when I was more excited to see Robin Roberts at the CMAs than any country star.

  2. We recently surveyed our customers on this, specifically though for local news. TV was #1. Online was #2. The responses were specific to our customers, so a very specific demo, but interesting nonetheless.

  3. I’m a j-school kid as well. It was interesting learning about the field during such a dramatic shift in the way people are getting their news.

    I enjoy reading the print product as well for many reasons – the feel of the paper, the less strain on your eyes, and the nice recap of the day before. It’s nice to get a little “slow news” before I jump online to Twitter and other sites where the news is so fast, it’s hard to keep up with.

    And I’ve been happy to see that so many other journalists decided to jump into social media, video, podcasts, etc. It gives you such a greater insight into the news you see every day. And it’s also nice to see the faces behind the stories.

    But hey, I may be a tad biased…. 😀

  4. Me too girlfriend, I am a new media jrn student right now in my second program learning all about where the industry headed. I think despite what people say about this and that dying, everyone needs their fix, their news, their updates. While how they get it may change, everyone will need us journalists here 🙂

    I love a hard copy like a magazine to read but I also adore websites, usability, design, social networking. Despite what may seem like an overload in the industry it’s all very exciting to think of the changes we’re going through. Great post! Felt like I was reading my own words…xx

  5. Nice post, sister. You can guess where I stand on this. There’s no better publicity than that which comes from truly listening to your readers. Any time you have news tips, you know where to send them!

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