Great Job All You Flying Pigs

“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating. There’s really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.”

Here's what I wish I was doing today...

I hated not being able to pound the pavement with the rest of the pigs today in Cincinnati for the 12th annual Flying Pig Marathon but that didn’t mean I wasn’t reloading facebook constantly this morning to see how the runners did.

Marathon winners:

Men: Brian List 2:31:56, Tilahun Abebe 2:34:39, Rob Morwood 2:36:05.  All three are members of Earth Drummers Running Club in Cincy.  Who do they think they are? East Nasty? 😉
Women: Cynthia (Lauren) Arnold 2:55:02, Marnie Staehly 2:58:26, Rachel Bea (Cincy native) 3:02:27

Here's what I was doing 🙂 Thanks a lot Piriformis...I'll be back next year ya pigs

Half marathon winners:

Men: Ben Foley (Cincy native) 1:12:34
Women: Leslie Kraus (Cincy native) 1:24:20

I love how many Cincy natives ran today! Great job runners, and especially since you were running in the rain! I’ll be with you next year.

Speaking of rain…if you haven’t heard, Nashville is experiencing severe flooding.  Davidson county is in a state of emergency and roads in and around the city are shut down because of flooding.  The Boy and I decided to stay in Cincy for the night to be safe and make the wet trek home tomorrow morning…or at least try.  Schools are closed and even T Nels decided to close.  It’s odd being away from home while all this happens to your city.

After talking to my roommate, thankfully, our place is ok now.  I just hope my pup is doing ok.  That sucker doesn’t even like to go to the bathroom in the rain so I just hope he’s behaving himself at the kennel and not giving them too hard of a time!

To all of those in Nashville, stay safe and dry.  Keep me updated about this crazy weather!

Here’s a great link from a fantastic organization, Hands on Nashville, where you can sign up to get involved and help out in the flood relief effort.  Help here.


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