to the class of twenty-aught-ten

Abby and a best friend as varsity soccer captains senior year

in twenty-aught-five, i was you.

well, some of you.

those of you who feel like everyone is watching you all the time, like you need to be Valedictorian and/or All-City athlete and/or Debate team champion circa Mean Girls to legitimately don that shiny robe. those who have worked so hard the last four years to be who you want to be in good and bad ways, to make the outside match the inside or vice versa, whichever seems more appropriate to the Aught-Ten teen.

having been you, i can confidently say – you are much more than the clever, three sentence summary you’ve created for yourself. it fits so well on college-applications and Facebook profiles, and it’s true, for the most part.

but something is missing. something you haven’t found yet.

don’t kick yourself. you can’t find this something, yet.

it hides in the shadows of moving away from home, under the bed of making your own decisions, and in the closet of what the heck am i doing with my life?

just when you think your creeping up on this something, it will run and hide, beckoning you to come closer to the edge of what you think defines you. step lightly but with confidence, for what you discover will be the first clue to who you are for the next twenty-aught years.

with that clue in hand, stacked upon the thousands of others waiting for you, you’ll be ready to rewrite your bio, and believe it.

congratulations and happy defining.

those older and wiser, i must know, what part of you was hiding in the post-graduation world? for me it was a secret, quiet side – willing to wait and watch instead of being the center o’ attention. this real me is often embarrassed of the old, but i know i wouldn’t be this me without her.


Abby is, among other things, a 20 something on an 80 something’s sleep schedule. She tried her darndest to be a good big sister, wife, & friend, all the while writing, reading, running, cooking, laughing & blogging at

Abby graduated high school in East Tennessee.

About this May series: This is the first of a series of guest posts in May that will run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


7 thoughts on “to the class of twenty-aught-ten

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  2. so true abby. i thought what defined me at the time was my ability to dress like one of the members of the Spice Girls and talk louder than my friends.

    actually, that still remains true to day.

    but the real honest answer is, one day post high-school, i woke up and realized that all these years I had been extremely judgmental of other people’s decisions. And from that moment on I decided, I would take giant step away from that old mindset.

    best decision ever.

  3. ALL of me showed up after graduation. I hardly recognize the girl from twenty-aught-four when I see her in pictures. Those older and wiser were right when they said I had no idea who I was yet and that I’d discover the real me in the years ahead. I have… and I like her much better than the self-righteous people pleaser from those early twenty-aught years.

  4. I thought I was the only outgoing, attention grabber that turned quiet, home body person out there! I know the exact feeling!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog last week.

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