Have I Mentioned Yet That I Love These People?

“As every runner knows, running is about more than just putting one foot in front of the other; it is about our lifestyle and who we are.” ~Joan Benoit Samuelson

East Nasty Water Stop at Tom King

You probably know by now that I run with a fabulous group of people, the Nasties.  And you may also have gathered that these have become not just running partners but great friends.  This has proven to be the most difficult part about leaving. I will miss my city but it’s the people who I haven’t quite figured out how I’ll live without.  I keep saying, I’ll just be displaced for awhile!

I’ve gotten some unexpected practice with that since I haven’t been able to run for a month but I’ve still managed to get my Nasty fix.

This past weekend when I was inducted into the Ring of Honor at Flying Saucer (yes my parents were proud) some came out to celebrate and we were all talking when Rod announced, “Jack I know I have something to tell you. I think it had to do with writing…” Hmmm.  We all carried on and Rod later enthusiastically announced, “Oh, I remember.  You’re going to be East Nasty of the Week.”  He could hardle finish because of the screams of myself and Christy 🙂  I’m pretty sure we gave someone a heart attack.  It’s ok, it was worth it.

So check out the new ENOW…soon to be displaced but still will come back for runs and of course true to East Nasty style…other very important celebrations.  I love these people! Love love love them!

Come on back over tomorrow to read what my TPFL has to say to the Class of 2010.

Are you in a running group or have  a certain group of friends you always run with?  How has it affected you?  How has it affected your running?


4 thoughts on “Have I Mentioned Yet That I Love These People?

  1. I knew you would be famous one day. I am not sure which is more important – the day you got your plate on the wall or the day you became East Nasty of the Week – but either way you have made it in Nashville.
    Now go become famous someplace else! We will miss you!

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