Home to Me

“Isn’t it perfect how the memories feel the same” ~Josh Kelley

Home is more than the house

Hello friends!  So much has been going on lately! It’s been great to have my friends help me out with the graduation series this month to give me time to pack, finish up at work (tomorrow is my last day, agh) and try to get my life in order to go back to Hotlanta for the summer before law school.  But I’ve missed you all!

Being faced with leaving my home here in Nashville, I’ve thought a lot about the idea of home and what makes something a home.  Sure, it’s the location, but it’s so much more than that.

Grandad's Bench

This past weekend I went up to northern Michigan, through Traverse and up M22 to the lake house for my lovely cousin Katie’s wedding.  I’ve been going there for the summer with my family since I was little and it has always  been my favorite place on earth.  It’s waking up to lake, the air, the beach, and the small town where the place to do business is the bakery over a hot cup of Leelanau Coffee yes, but this house holds so much more.  It’s family dinners around a huge cherry table, cousins running rampant, and the well-loved bench that sits overlooking the lake.  It’s the laughter that fills the vaulted ceilings, my grandfather’s books that fill the bookcases and my grandmother’s easel with her latest painting on it.  It’s the love and the memories that make this home.

View from the bench. Best compliments are a hot cup of coffee, a cool morning and conversation.

A couple of years when my grandparents died, the house had to be put on the market  which absolutely broke my heart.  There are five brothers and with all of them living far away, the upkeep and cost of the house would get too burdensome.  I understood but secretly hoped it wouldn’t sell.  One economic downturn and housing market fail later, we still have the house.

It’s been good and bad.  Of course, I love being up there but grandparents weren’t there, the books were left untouched on the shelves and the paintings left unfinished.  It’s been a lot of work for the families.  Kids went to college, people went up at different times and things just changed.  I just had a different feel.

I’m not going to lie, I was excited to go to Michigan this past weekend because I ached to be at the lake but I was a little nervous about being up there with all these people I didn’t know.  What would it be like?  Well…let’s just say that this weekend reminded me why I loved this place in the first place.


Katie’s wedding was absolutely gorgeous and I had the honor and pleasure of standing next to her as she starts this new adventure with Justin.  That’s what family is.  Her parents were up as well as my Uncle and his wife who married Katie, my cousins and my great  uncle and great aunt.  There were big dinners around the cherry table, laughter filling the room and late night talks that lasted till 2-3 in the morning.

The wedding party were awesome.  Stephanie and Jeff, you are hilarious and I had a blast getting to know you. Road trip soon? And Lady Logan, thank god you were there giving me direction 🙂

Two Aunts

It was making new friends and connecting with family I haven’t seen in so long.  I loved staying up late and laughing with my aunt.  I’ve missed these people! And apparently my boy cousins are all giants and somehow I am STILL the shortest in the family even though I’m the oldest.  It was so great to see them and hang out with them.  I got to meet Ellie, Katie’s cousin on the other side who rocks and who does crazy long distance running.  We’re going to have to get her to write a post.  Ellie, I think you are fantastic!


I am so excited about the lake this year after that trip.  I’ll be able to be up for two weeks this year with my family, uncles, aunts and cousins I haven’t seen in years will be up to play king of the bongo and the Boy will be up with his family! I can’t wait to show them my home. Justin, Katie’s new husband said something up at the lake at the wedding that has stuck with me…my family are my friends and my friends are my family.  I couldn’t agree more Justin and to me, that’s what makes a home.

So as I get ready to leave Nashville soon I am comforted by the fact that home is the people.  Home can be in different places.  Home is where the heart is is taking on a whole new meaning.

What makes a place home for you? Where is your home? Is it different than where you physically live?


6 thoughts on “Home to Me

  1. Jack
    loved this one, clearly home is where the heart is rings with you. Me too. I am considering moving from the town which is “home” for over 40 years, but when I go home it is always 100 miles from here to Ky, where my family went every weekend when i was growing up. We think home is a house with walls, but to me it is the people, the smells, taste, sounds, and where ever they are it is “HOME”.
    See you this weekend at the boy party!

  2. Great post! I couldn’t agree more about home & family. There’s this lyric from a Relient K song that I love, “If home is where the heart is then my home is where you are.” I think that sums it up well.

    Hope you had a great time passing through Chicago too on your way up to the lake! Oh, and I know exactly how you feel about being the shortest but oldest. This past weekend, we discovered my 12-year-old cousin is now slightly taller than me & so now I’m officially the oldest in my family (out of siblings & cousins) & the shortest!! Oh well…at least I can always wear heels if I want to be taller. 🙂

  3. Jackie, this post put a smile on my face! I’ve actually been daydreaming the past few days about posting on my childhood home in the next week or so… I guess it’s all your talk about moving that’s made me think of it!

    Home to me is my mom’s cooking (world’s best), so wherever she cooks – I go. And the South Jersey shore. It feeds my soul and without it, I am no one. Seriously.

    Feel me, Lake Michigan?

  4. Aww great post. My parents moved away from the town and house I grew up in so it’s weird that I can’t revisit a place that reminds me of my childhood. That’s so awesome that you still fortunately have the house!

  5. I once read that home is wherever you are. That it’s inside you. Sort of like “wherever you go, there you are.” Interesting concept. But I’m still working on that one:)

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