My Last Will and Testament and a Bake Sale

“Change is the essence of life.  Be willing to surrender what you are for what you can become.”

All that is left

So, yesterday was my last day at work.  That was interesting. I was excited and nervous.  I’ve never quit anything in my life and to leave a job, even if it is to go back to school, killed me.  I’ve been with these people for 4 years! How do you just cut youreslf off in one day? Not to mention, I just don’t think I process things correctly.  It didn’t feel like my last day till I got in the car, was driving away and it all of the sudden hit me.  Also, I’m terrible at goodbyes.  So all in all, an akward day for me.  

While I was cleaning up my desk, I did find these little gems.  I could’ve been selfish and taken them with me…set them up in my first class of law school, but no.  Instead, I want to leave them with those that I think will enjoy them.  Think of this as my last will and testament.  So gather round for the reading of the will.  Sorry, no one gets the car. I know that’s all what you’re here for.  It is a champ at hauling books of boxes. Hmmm…who’s first.

1. Jesus with the 5 o’clock shadow- This is bestowed upon Jason. He comes with all the rubberbands you shot at me over cubeland in Novi.  Just remember that it’s all fun and games till someone looses an eye.
2. Sharpies- A publicist always has sharpies.  ALWAYS.  I was strolling through a bookstore while there was a signing in the back.  Across the aisle I saw a woman in heels franticly running up front.  She was looking for sharpies for her author.  I dug in the purse and ta-da! Here you go bad publicist, here’s a sharpie for your author.  I normally carry three.  I’m not willing to be naked and without a sharpie nor do I think ripping off the bandaid all at once is the best way to heal so how about this.  I’ll keep one and give the rest to my fabulous publicist friends.  To Curt, Katie, Stephanie, Heather, Claudia, Brenda…may you never go without.
3. Popcorn- This goes to AJ. I also owe her gum and some advil since she always had it and I never did. 
4. Talking Jesus- Yes, it is a talking Jesus.  The best thing for a quiet office, is talking Jesus.  I feel I might have to leave this to my successor since this was left for me.  New children’s publicist meet Talking Jesus. Usuaslly I do the daily word at 8.
5. Dixie Stampede Cup- This thing cracks me up.  One of the editors brought it back for me because she thought it was funny.  It is.  But now I feel it belongs back home.  That is why my dear friend Abby. Abby, wherever you may go in life, this should go with you so you can remember home back in East Tennessee 🙂 
6. Webster- This goes to Jen…well, it actaully goes to Jake, her adorable little boy. I’d see Jen coming in the office and right after her would be little Jake.  He loved Webster so it’s only right it’s his now.  Plus, I’m a children’s publicist, something has to go to the kids right?!
7. Flair- There are two pieces of flair here.  One is a magnet from the Office that says “I Love My Job” and the other is a pin from one of the first books I worked on as an intern, Aim Low. Kristen, these are for you.  Your fantastic sense of humor will fit these perfectly.  I wish I could get you corndogs. I’ll send those.  Please where the pin to our next sonic happy hour.  Thanks for making me laugh and keeping me sane.
8. And what you’ve all been waiting for…the Publicist on a Stick. This is one of the best things I’ve ever recieved.  So funny.  Jason, this is for you.  Just remember, to whom much is given, much is expected.

This concludes the reading of the will.  But don’t leave yet!  One more thing to tell you about before I haul boxes and furniture around today in the blistering heat and humidity…

This Saturday, the fabulous Lindsay of Love and Olive Oil, one of my favorite food blogs, has organized local food bloggers including myself for a bake sale benefiting Second Harvest Food Bank. 

Check the event details out on facebook. Isn’t this such a wonderful idea?  The ladies behind these blogs are fantastic and the recipes on their sites are mouthwatering so I can’t wait to see what they whip up.  Sadly though, I’ll be out of town this weekend and unable to make it to the sale but I will be sending my favorite Lemon Ricotta cookies.  Mmm.   Be sure to check it out, get some goodies, say hello to the local food bloggers and tell all of your friends!  All of the proceeds go to help flood relief efforts here in Middle Tennessee.  I just love how food brings people together and helps out.  That’s my kind of relief effort!

Happy Thursday everyone!


6 thoughts on “My Last Will and Testament and a Bake Sale

  1. I’m actually glad I wasn’t at work yesterday because I hate goodbyes too. I’m so proud of you Jackie. Take what you learned here (the good and the bad) and continue to improve upon greatness. I have no doubt that you will succeed at whatever you do. I enjoyed working with you and will forever miss that laugh. 🙂

  2. i would have preferred this post much more had you posted that video of you preforming “So Long, Farewell” from The Sound of Music.

    PS. I’ve made those famous Lemon Ricotta Cookies multiple times, they are sinful – in a good way.

  3. It is so hard to quit a job, which is very odd to me. I only quit job once, well the others I had a reason like leaving for school and it was sooo hard! I cried, what a baby. Anyways, I like this idea, I have a lot of stuff I could will off. What’s up with the Jesus-es at your work?

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