Happy Best Friends Day

“Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.” ~Edna Buchanan

I love holidays.  Well some of them.  Some of them just flat out make me awkward but if it’s a good holiday, like one of my favorites coming up here in July, I’m the first one to celebrate.

Today I woke up to find that there was a new holiday I had never heard of before  Best Friends Day.  I think I’m going to like this holiday.  The website makes a good point, we set aside a day for presidents, dads, moms, secretaries etc, so why not one for friends?

Holidays like today are good for me because sometimes I neglect to tell the people I care about most, how much they mean to me.  I just assume they know.  Well I’ve learned never to assume.  We know what that does…

 Today I want to celebrate and toast to my best friends, the ones who make me laugh, are there to have fun with and are there to talk to, challenge me, explore with and go through life with. An important theme that you’ll see is that they all aren’t afraid to keep me in line when I need it. Because let’s be honest, there are times I need to be set straight and there are no better people to do it than these 🙂  The feeling is mutual I’m sure.

I want them to know how much they mean to me and how grateful I am that they are in my life. I am a better person because of each and every one of them.  It’s been hard this summer not seeing these people everyday but I know that these people are behind me no matter what and I would do the same for them.  No matter where I end up, if these people need anything, I’m there.  Just as I am in the middle of some big changes, so are they and I absolutely cannot wait to see where life takes them and be there to encourage them every step of the way.  These are amazing people who are already doing great things! I can’t wait to see what’s in store in the coming years!

I’m stuck with these people for better or for worse, through thick and thin and you know what, I couldn’t think of anyone better.

This pretty much sums it up

First I’d like lift high a Dogfish 120 minute IPA to my partner in crime, boyfriend and best friend. You make me smile inside and out. I care for you more than you know and am so incredibly thankful that I took phycology as my last gen ed class senior year.  Best decision I’ve made!

And then, there’s my TPFL.  To you Christy, I’m going to raise a Powerade because that’s how this whole thing started 😉  I am so glad we met and not only do I have a great training partner and accountability partner but I have gained a great friend. 

He's the big chief in the back

While we’re on the subject of running, Matt, this PBR is for you.  Yes a 40.  Don’t act like you’re too good for it.  I so appreciate your friendship and advice through the years. And yes, I even appreciate all the sarcasm. It’s our language. 

To my dear dear friend Megan, a cool glass of Riesling.  We’re made out of different sides of the same cloth.  Your friendship means the world to me and although we don’t see each other every week or sometimes even every month, when we get together and talk for hours, I am reminded of what a great and constant friend I have in you, through the mountaintops and the valleys, know that I am here for you. 

Pretty Lady

For Erin, a white sangria.  Like Megan, we may not talk all the time but when we do, I am so thankful for your friendship and influence in my life. When I have a tough decision or need to talk things though, you are one of the first people I talk too.  I trust you’re wisdom and advice and know you’ll shoot straight with me and I am so thankful I have a friend like you. 

Just some of the fam

The above quote says that friends are the family you choose.  But you know what, I would choose my family every time.  At my cousin’s wedding, her now husband said, “My family are my friends and my friends are my family.”  I just love that.  So to my family, drumroll please…you get  an Iron City Beer.  I know, I know, but we’re from Pittsburgh so until they decide to make a better beer, that’s what you get 😉 Well, how about this.  You can either have that or the margaritas we make at the lake.  I love you all so much and I wouldn’t be who I am today without you.  Thank you for your support, unconditional love and friendship. 

Lastly, I’d like to toast you, the fabulous readers! I was so nervous about blogging and didn’t know if it was something I’d like but I am having so much fun talking with and learning from you all!  Thank you so much for your comments, emails, tweets and for making me think as well as making me laugh.  Here’s to you!

Who would you toast on Best Friends Day?


6 thoughts on “Happy Best Friends Day

  1. I usually drink PBRs in the privacy of my own home or for special “blue ribbon winning” occasions. You, my friend, had the courage to rock a tall boy at a Vandy grad school party where we knew no one (except Erin). That’s confidence. Next time you’re in town, we’ll down a 12 pack and go gig something. Get excited.

  2. I just ran into Megan on Sunday, and we both lamented that such a wonderful woman like you has left Nashville. I love and miss you so much already.

  3. Hey Hey girlie..beergarita’ to all my new young best friends. and my old best friends cold cold beers of any kind, or vodka tonics..with limes. so raise a glass and kiss my la la la, Love you all. And a day is not enough to honor a best friend!

  4. Hi! I just read your “about” section and saw you’re starting law school in the fall. First semester will be rough, but it will all fly by so incredibly quickly!

    Neat post, by the way. Who would I toast? Well, definitely my husband. He’s my best friend and he’s nuts (in a good way) as well as incredibly patient (good thing!). I’d also toast my best friends from college for oh, so many reasons. I wish we weren’t all spread out over the country, but I’m so thankful for my five best girlfriends — we can still count on each other.

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