Three Things I Value Most

When I was asked to write this, I was a bit overwhelmed because as I started reflecting on my life, I realized that I graduated high school seven years ago.  And I was even more overwhelmed when I realized that, in the perspective of a (hopefully!) full life, seven years really isn’t that long. Nevertheless, I’ve adopted a few simple philosophies that have helped me get through life. 

Trust your instincts: Your instincts are there for a reason. So LISTEN TO YOURSELF!!! Recognize that feeling in your gut when something is off. Or let your instincts lead you to the right decision in an extremely difficult situation. It’s not always easy to trust them, and I’ve always found that, for some reason, the voice in your head called “logic” will try to hush those instincts. Logic will talk you into playing it safe and may rob you of opportunities. If I had listened to myself saying I lacked experience required to tackle the leadership positions I held in college, I would have lost the chance to positively impact myself and others, and I’d be a very different person right now. I’m not suggesting you dismiss your brain altogether. Just consider going with your instincts first, then incorporate logic second. “But what if my instincts are wrong?” Well, they will be sometimes, but you must possess the belief in yourself to allow those instincts to shine through and the confidence to act upon them. Which leads me to point #2…
Live confidently: We all know someone that lives life with confidence. Can you picture him or her? In the most trying situations they can be calm, cool and collected. And their presence is powerful, yet not overbearing. They’re unwavering in their principles and their actions are consistent in every situation. People respect a person who lives with confidence. And you should strive to reflect a similar demeanor. Keep in mind: The difference between confidence and arrogance is a subtle, but important, one.  No one likes a person who is pompous and can’t admit when they’re wrong. So, live confidently but sprinkle in a dash of humility. You will be surprised how far that will take you.
Always, always, ALWAYS have fun: This is, by far, the most important thing to remember in life. The moment you stop having fun is the moment you stop living. Seriously. Even some of the most mundane, unimpressive, boring and strenuous tasks can take a 180 degree turn just because you look at them through a “fun lens.” Washing dishes can turn into an epic water fight. Or facing 50 shots per game as an ice hockey goalie on a team that had a 1-26 season record (yes, that was me….) can be seen as a “getting your money’s worth” rather than “getting your butt kicked.” People who live life without having look as miserable as they feel. I don’t want that to be me, and I don’t want that to be you. 

This may be an oversimplified version of how I live my life, but these are three of the things I value the most and anytime anyone sees me, I should be an example of each of them. If I’m not, feel free to send me back to this post to knock a little sense into me because no matter how much we think we know, everyone needs a little reminder sometimes. 


Who would've thought

Ben graduated high school from Texas and now works in Nashville with a fantastic public relations firm. 

Ben Palos is a fun-filled, confident Nashvillian (by way of the great state of Texas) that lets logic get in his way more than he likes to admit. He loves to eat and drink great food and great wine, and he often finds himself looking like a zebra on an ice rink (refereeing hockey games, for those of you who need the hint). 

Ben is also the co-founder of 

My turn?  OK. 

Ben has been a great friend to me and although we haven’t been able to talk or hang out in a while (totally my fault and I am now remedying the situation because I missed him so dang much) I knew I wanted to ask him to be a part of this series.  

We went to college together and more nights than not you could find him over at N2…either that or we were over at his house when he would grill out and make killer margaritas.  Along with being co-founder of Alphabedible, he is also a founding member of Wine Wednesdays.  Basically when we’d all pull the couch and chairs out on the porch and relax, talk and drink wine with friends.  That’s when our taste wasn’t that refined yet so normally the wine would come by way of box.  

Ben was a great leader and fantastic friend in college and I love that I can watch that play out in his success in his professional life.  No matter what, Ben is always there to step up to the plate, be it with work, friends, anything.  He lives boldly and makes everyone around him smile.  And he throws one heck of a Cinco de Mayo party 😉 

About this series: This is one of  a series of guest posts in May that will run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


2 thoughts on “Three Things I Value Most

  1. 7 years!?! Girl, you’re young-I have my 10 year reunion next year, that makes me kind of sick to my stomach. I need to start working on my resume so I can let figure out what I’ve “accomplished” since high school and start braggin’ on it for the reunion.

    Great words of advice, I must say that I agree with them all.

  2. Um. This is insane. I saw that picture before I read the words and was like, that looks just like Ben P! I grew up with Ben. Went to church with him. Know his family, his brother A. SMALL WORLD!

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