He Said, She Said

Don't worry, I don't really have a cotton candy pink phone

She said: My long run this weekend was terrible.

He said: Really? How far did you go?

15. My knees were killing me.

What do you mean?

It felt like knives in my knees every step.  (looking back, I might have been being a little dramaticl)

Well, it could be that it’s getting colder too.  Have you been running in the grass like I told you to so it helps your knees?



What?! (laughing and then remembering the couple steps I did actually take in the grass this time) Oh WAIT! I did listen to you. I did run in the grass this time just like you told me to.


Yes!  (still more laughing) The sidewalk came to an end so I had to run in the grass for a bit.

Wait…how far?

Ummm…Maybe  quarter mile.  Then the sidewalk started again (laughing because I know full well what’s coming next).

I said 75% of your long run on a trail or in the grass.

Oh…Well now you’re just being too specific!

Maybe it’s the change in schedule, all the briefing of cases filling my brain, or drinking too much coffee and not enough water.  It could be the late nights sitting in an uncomfortable library chair, or possibly running solo without my TPFL and Nasties or maybe it’s because I really didn’t listen to the boy… but Training for the Marathon Take 2 is painful.

I am planning on running the Memphis marathon this December after not being able do do the Cincinnati Flying Pig last year after getting hurt, and have really been having a rough go at it.  Physically and mentally.  I went on my 15 mile long run this past weekend and my knees felt every step which just tore me down mentally.

My pre-run ritual now includes Advil and putting inordinate amounts of Icy Hot on my knees.  It’s getting bad people.  I’m becoming like Pavlov’s dog.  I smell Icy Hot and have the uncontrollable urge to immediately go put my running shoes on.

I know there are good days and bad days running so I’m going to hang in there and stick it out but I would appreciate a little help here…knees, I’m talking to you.

The Boy is coming up for the football game this weekend before fall break and offered to run with me for my long run.  I have the sneaking suspicion I’m going to get lovingly pushed into the grass this weekend on my long run 😉  Guess sometimes I should refer to those who are wiser on the subject.  I promise to listen next time.

Do you ever run in the grass or on trails?  How to you keep mentally strong through a hard long run?  Suggestions are welcome!


5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said

  1. I am definitely NOT a pro runner like you i.e. I can’t/won’t do long runs on my own. My farthest long run was 20 miles which I did along the Katy Trail. I had different runners meet me at different points on the trail and that was a HUGE help!!! That plus knowing how many calories I was burning!

  2. I actually really don’t like running in grass. It’s too unpredictable and uneven. I’m constantly trying to keep my ankles from rolling and always looking down so I don’t step in a hole and totally eat it. But I avoid sidewalks anytime I can.

  3. rehab your quads girl! that would help with the knife-stabbing pain 🙂 and i pump up what I call my “Jesus music” on my ipod for those long runs … timed to play the hallelujah chorus when I’m done. Hope all is well with you!

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