Fall is the New Spring

“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.” ~William Cullen Brynat


From We Heart It


Spring is overrated.  At least in my book.  I’m not sure what it is but I’ve always felt more alive and more at home in the rich reds, welcoming oranges, comforting yellow and soothing browns than the bright pastels of spring.

Fall has always meant exciting new beginnings.  From working in the publishing world where you hoard all your  best books until Fall for release in  anticipation of the Christmas rush to now being back on a school schedule, Fall means things are happening.  It’s always been my favorite time of year.

This week is Fall Break and as I was driving through the rolling hills of Kentucky into Tennessee yesterday, my heart was utterly and simply happy.  The colors were stunning and there was just something in the air.  I love Nashville in the Fall.

I don’t know about you but my whole taste shifts in the fall.  It is the oddest thing.  My car is filled with music from Iron and Wine to Sarah Barielles (seriously great Fall music, get her new cd, it’s on repeat in my car).  I have the urge to make pies and pumpkin cookies (I have some great fall recipes coming later this week).  The beer selection in my fridge changes from refreshing golden wheat to hearty oktoberfests, ambers and spicy pumpkin beers and I like my coffee to have tastes of caramel, toffee or pumpkin. And who doesn’t like pulling out those fall sweaters and boots for the first time.  But more than going back to those fall traditions, tastes and activities, it’s also a time of renewal.


Also from We Heart It


This is an odd dichotomy I know but the way fall enters does this with such grace might be the secret to why I love it so much.  I have always been someone who despite loving to try new things, there are some things I will never give up.

Everything in my life is new right now. I am embracing it and loving every minute of learning and meeting new people, but this fall break I can’t tell you how excited I am to be back in Nashville, to catch up with the friends that are my heart and soul.  Fall is the time when you gather.  Whether it be for football, to pick out that perfect pumpkin, or Thanksgiving, we gather.  We gather and are thankful.  These people, just like fall traditions, inspire me and energize me.  This fall I have so much to be thankful for.

Not only that but there are so many new things happening this fall.  I am learning so much and thriving off of doing what I love every single day (and most of every night right now 😉  Just like the leaves, everything is changing and I am so excited about it.  This is my time to grow…why wait for Spring?

So here’s to corn mazes, pumpkin spice lattes, pies, pumpkin patches, cozy cups of coffee while reading the latest book from your favorite writer, football, dinners with friends, family and spiced apple cider.  Here’s to the colors changing, leaves crunching under each step of a morning run, and to that something in the air that heralds in the new season, filled with the people we love, traditions we cherish and the changes to come.  Happy Fall!


7 thoughts on “Fall is the New Spring

  1. I LOVE fall too! It’s my favorite season. Each day when I walk outside, I keep thinking, “I love this” (for the most part anyway). And I love pumpkin cookies, the cooler weather, the bright colored leaves on trees, caramel & toffee in my coffee (but I like that year round), and all the holidays that come with fall. Reading your post just made me so happy to think about it! haha

  2. beautifully written! i love the “gathering and renewal” aspect. it’s a new point of view for me!

    also, Sara B is one of my all time favorite artists and I ADORE that new cd. I had a family member in town this weekend and missed her concert at the Ryman, but a friend attended her meet & greet and scored me an autographed copy of her latest album!

    Yay fall and yay for being back in Nashville!

  3. Hey! I agree with you, I like fall…my fave is the dark colors and no more swim suits!!! Thanks for all your sweet emails about my marathon. You’re the best!

  4. So lovely.. I’m in Nashville now and it was just what I needed. A little dose of Music City hit the spot. My drive through the carolina mountains was so pretty and best of all.. Fall is cross country weather 🙂 hope all is well!

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