Pour Me a Cup

Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee.  ~Stephanie Piro


Photo by Andrew Collins

If we were having coffee this morning, I would be ducking in out of the warm Nashville rain and greeting you at one of my favorite spots for coffee and people watching, Fido.

I would join you in line and apologize for being late after just having breakfast down the street.  I’d order Roscoe’s Pumpkin Latte and we’d weave through the people to take our seats by the window looking out onto the hustle of Hillsboro Village.

As I would look out I would tell you how I miss this town and all the crazy things that happen here, like seeing Taylor Swift yesterday with her mom while eating lunch.  I would tell you how much I miss places like this with people like this but how despite all the growing pains I am utterly and completely happy with where I am in life.  Terrified but happy  nonetheless and how I’m learning that a little fright never killed anyone…just keeps you on your toes 😉

I would want to hear all about what’s been going on with you since I fell off the face of the earth these past couple months engulfed in this new world of law school.  I’d apologize for being a bad friend and thank you for your patience with my bad communication which I’d blame on what I’ve dubbed, the Law School Lull.But I’d look you right in the eye and tell you from the bottom of my heart, that doesn’t mean I don’t think about you each day and wonder how you are. We’d probably laugh as I explained the craziness and new life balancing skills I’m learning 🙂

I’d warm my hands and sip my coffee and listen.  I’d laugh with you at what’s happened since the last time we’ve talked and how things have turned out.  It’s never what you expected but it always turns out better doesn’t it.

I’d probably tell you how terrified I am of finals, finding the right internship in the summer and paying off loans and you’d probably laugh and tell me now wasn’t the time to worry about it and you’d be right.

I’d share secrets with you like how some days I get overwhelmed that I feel I can’t do it or I’ll never understand these new concepts but how the very next day something will happen and I know, this is what I am supposed to do. I’d tell you how I love my teachers, love learning and love laying my head down after a long day knowing that I’ve worked hard at something I love and want.

I’d tell you how last night’s run with The Boy was the best run I’d had in a while which is exactly what I needed because I was getting nervous that I might not be able to do the marathon in December after so many rough runs.

I’d tell you how great it is to spend a whole week with my best friend.  I’d tell you how it makes me realize both how much I miss him and how lucky I am to have his support even from far away.  I’d tell you that I hope I’m the same for him and that he can feel that from miles away even when he’s having a bad day.

We’d have so much to catch up on and after all that as I would head back to my car, I’d be so thankful so a simple cup of coffee and great friends to share it with.

Happy rainy Tuesday!


Virtual Coffee

I first learned about this over at Dear Abby Leigh and like her, as someone in a new city (and one where I still have yet to find a decent coffee shot) I loved the idea!

My favorite part about joining this world of blogging is the people I meet.  I love the idea Amy over at Lucky Number 13 came up with where each week on Tuesday, you shave a virtual cup of coffee with your friends.

Join in and have a cup with me.


4 thoughts on “Pour Me a Cup

  1. So glad you joined in for coffee, sorry i am a day late! i would so meet you at that coffee shop, it looks perfect. and warm rain, a pumpkin latte and a week with your best friend sounds absolutely perfect to me, too!

    thanks for coffee, the link is up now so be sure to link up and check out coffee with the other girls! 🙂

  2. This is beautiful, my friend! So glad you had time to fit us into your busy schedule. We so needed to catch up. Next time we do coffee at my favorite place – Bongo Java.

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