Things I’ve Learned in Law School…

Oh, sweetheart, you don’t need law school. Law school is for people who are boring and ugly and serious. And you, button, are none of those things. ~ Legally Blonde


Sorry...I just couldn't help myself.


Here I am, almost halfway through my glorious fall break and even though we don’t have midterms in law school, I figured I should probably look back and review what I’ve learned.

So, in these first 6-7 weeks of law schoolpalooza, here is what I know:

Nothing in moderation. Work hard, play hard, it’s an occupational hazard.  And don’t think this applies to just law school.  (You runners and type A-er’s, you know who you are and you know this applies to you too).

I will be spending a lot more money on makeup this semester. Who knew I’d have suitcases under my eyes needing to be covered up every morning.  I didn’t budget for that.

Running keeps me sane. Or at least from slipping completely into insanity.  No matter how busy it gets in law school or with jobs, anything, you need to do what keeps you sane.  For me it’s running right now and writing when I can.

Sarcasm and dry humor is part of legal jargon. My teachers crack me up.  I thought I was sarcastic.

Everybody has their crazy. Thank you Erin O. Anderson for this gem.  It’s so true.  There are some funny people in law school and I’m one of them.  You should see me with highlighters now.  Oy 😉

Anything you want is worth working for. People gripe and moan about how hard law school is, which is true.  And lord knows I’m guilty of complaining sometimes.  But I think working for 3 years really gave me a different perspective.  It’s tough learning how to learn a whole different world but if you put the work in, you can get whatever you want.

One day my back will write a thank you to my locker. I have become the bag lady when I go home with all my books.  I am thinking about beginning to count just walking to and from my car as strength training.

And on that note…These law school books could be made a lot better. Look, law school book publishers, I know how books are made and designed.  Why can’t you have a fun cover, one that actually makes me WANT to read it instead of such a foreboding cover.  And while we’re on it…I know what it costs to make a book…this is ridiculous.  When I get out of law school I’m going to start a law school book publishing company because this is just a racket.

Never lose yourself. One of the first things the 2L’s and 3L’s told us was to never forget who you are and why you wanted to come to law school.  Never lose yourself in it.  I think this is great advice not just for students but for anyone.  I had problems with this in my job and because of that, I’ll never let it happen again.  You are not your profession.  Make sure to never lose yourself.  Keep doing what makes you you.  Never let yourself just become your job.  Have hobbies, go explore, never be complacent.

Savor encouragement, even if its silent.

There is a sausage theory of law. I know, don’t ask.  No one wants to know how sausage is made and no one really wants to find out how law is made.

I love what I am doing and wouldn’t trade it for the world.


8 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned in Law School…

  1. It is fun to watch your changing on your blog. Transformation is an amazing thing, seeing it amazing too. But I continue to see the same young lady I know, just more enhanced. Still looking forward to seeing you at somepoint, before I need legal advice. Kiss the boy and give him a hug from his favorite Pat Mays!

  2. I’ve missed your posts!!!!

    So glad you are settling in. These are all things that people can tell you before 1L starts, but you really have to see them to believe them.

    And seriously. The color-coded highlighting is KEY. I did it all three years once I got the hang of briefing cases–blue for the issue, green for key facts, pink for statements of law, and yellow for the holding. Notes went in the margin. Made life so much easier than actually typing out a brief 🙂

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