Go Ahead and Judge…I would

“Open confession is good for the soul.” ~Scottish Proverb

If it is as Miss Chatterbox says, and imitation is the greatest form of flattery, well ladies…consider yourself flattered.

These two insanely funny ladies have thrown caution to the wind and have in one of their first (but I am confident not the last) bold moves of 2011, bared it all and shared their 11 confessions of 2011.  I was intrigued.  And on a day that I was really excited to share some great news with you only to find out it has to wait…well, perfect time to confess right.

Alright, here we go.

1. I am a repeat offender apartment eavesdropper. Sorry but I am.  If you are loud, I’m going to hear it and probably take sides.  Recently the neighbor beside me and his girlfriend have been fighting about law school.  He never spends time with her apparently.  Poor thing.  Oh wait.  He’s in law school!  Oh, I see.  Side switched.  I am considering going down there and practicing my meditating skills. But until then I’ll just judge to myself behind the wall.

2. I may have gone outside to build a snow man by myself. Oh fine, this is confessions right.  I DID go outside with my trusty dog Caesar and build a snowman by myself.  I’m not used to the snow so I got excited.  Caesar loved it too.  And in the interest of full disclosure, there may have been a snow angel. FINE. There was a snow angel.

3. I will still eat Taco Bell, “beef filling” or “taco meat filling.” Amanda Obney, on behalf of all those similarly situated in the general public, is bringing a class action suit against Taco Bell for fraud and for falsely advertising their “meat” filling.  We were reading this complaint yesterday before class and all I kept thinking was 1.) who REALLY thought that was legit meat in there? Come on. And 2.) I am craving Taco Bell.  Call it what you will but I like it and have since been craving it.

4. I watch the Bachelor. Ugh, I know.  I.just.can’t.stop.

5. I may have to spray tan this year. I know.  How vain.  I know, I know. But here’s the deal…Remember this little thing called Barrister’s Ball.  Well it is cocktail dress attire which means little black dress.  This also means, shockingly white legs.  It has to be done.

6. I make a character judgment about you if you read the last page of the book first.

7. I cannot watch a TV series on TV. I just don’t have the patience for it I guess.  When we watched 24 in college.  We got the DVD’s, enough food for a weekend and sat there for the whole weekend going straight through each time we got a new season.  Office, same thing.  It’s like I can’t hear the credit music without immediately hearing the opening music.  It’s like Pavlov’s dog.  I hear closing credits and immediately hit next.  It’s a problem.

8. Caesar has a new pair of shoes. I hate clothes on dogs.  I don’t understand it at all.  Who does that to a dog.  You know the dog doesn’t like it.  When Caesar and I walk in the morning you can see it in their eyes.  Caesar even gets uncomfortable.  But here’s the deal, my poor little guy was messing up his feet on walks since it’s been so dang cold out.  So we’re going to try it.  Booties.  That’s what they are called.  It hurts my heart to do it.  Trust me Caesar, this is going to hurt me way more than it’s going to hurt you.

9. I am a Southerner. This is big for me people.  Born in raised in Pittsburgh, when my family moved us to Atlanta, I NEVER thought I’d consider myself a Southerner and align myself with “y’all” sayers and Coke drinkers even though it’s truly Sprite. And although I still don’t say y’all, I’m still a Pepsi girl and I still love my hometown, now that I’m away from Nashville and Atlanta, I miss it. Not that I’m going to start flying  a flag out of the back of my truck or anything, but I am starting to see different aspects of the South that I’ve brought up with me for law school and I love that.  Yes Sweet Tea counts. I am a huge proponent of being proud of what and where made you who you are.  For me, it will always be Pittsburgh and now the South.  I love it and miss it terribly.

10. I lie when I tell people where I live. I know, I know, after #9 this may not make sense but this is a slow process for me people.  You can’t expect to throw me into Kentucky and own up to it right away.  Plus, it’s so close to the river so The Boy, who is from the fine city of Cincinnati (look how far I’ve come) has given me his blessing to say, “The greater Cincinnati area.”  Seriously though, who am I kidding?  It’s Kentucky.  My car bears the evidence.

11. I no longer look like a 12-year-old. I went to go get 10+ inches cut off of my mane right before Christmas and the hairdresser looked at me in the mirror after it was done and said, “I really like this on you. You don’t look like a 12-year-old anymore.” To which I then took my Hello Kitty purse and stormed out of the door to call my friends on my pink cell phone.  Or I just said thank you 😉  I like the Hello Kitty story better.

What is one of your 2011 confessions?


14 thoughts on “Go Ahead and Judge…I would

  1. I’m trying to be better about exercise. When people ask, I tell them that I really like working out, but I REALLY, REALLY hate it. I wish I was skinny and had abs without trying.

    Also, I went sledding by myself on Christmas day because my family didn’t want to….but it was a White Christmas and it was all melting! Luke did eventually come out for a couple runs, but he had new legos to attend to.

  2. I made a similar “Southern conversion” at some point in my life. I was born in Southern Indiana (essentialy Kentucky . . . the area actually refers to itself as Kentuckiana), and wasn’t moved to the South and Alabama till I was seven. When I was a kid, I always claimed my northern heritage. Sometime around the end of high school/beginning of college, I started having a crisis of regional identity. At that point, I embraced what had become truth by that point – I was a Southerner.

    I moved back to Indiana after college for a job, and now live in Ohio. Still, my heart and soul (and accent) can’t hid my true Southern self.

  3. oh Jackie, so much to comment on:
    1. there is a japense lady who lives above me that i can hear SNORING at night, so i had to buy a humidifier to drown her out. for get the loud japense music she plays when she’s cleaning.
    2. i love this.
    3. me too!
    4. me too again! Who’s your fav? I am an Emily girl so far.
    8. i HATE clothes on dogs too, how dumb!! but my sister’s bulldog has cut her paws up on the ice/snow, so i am ok with booties too.
    9. i love this map. i was in dallas two weeks ago and they didn’t serve sweet tea, i’ve never been more confused. but now i get it.
    11. you NEVER looked 12 with long hair!!

  4. Why did we limit this to 11 is the real question here? Let’s be honest. We could easily come up with 111. EACH.

    12. I don’t care about Twilight.

    13. I may or may not have thought that the “Minority Leader” that was on TV during the State of the Union represented…minorities. Hence my confusion when I saw that he was a white man.

    14. I plan to break up with Matt every year July 20 – October 26 so that I am never forced to date someone younger than me.

    15. Every time I drive South Berry’s Chapel Hill Road, I meditate for at least 5 minutes on how I awesome I am because we ran that.

    and on
    and on
    and on.

  5. I’m a repeat confesser, so I can’t think of a good one right now.

    My husband’s family is from the south (NW Florida, aka the sticks), although he grew up mostly in Alaska. Still. Anyway, he is addicted to sweet tea.

    I’m cool with Taco Bell. I agree, we already knew the meat was suspicious.

  6. I am a TV on DVD kinda girl myself. I have no patience for commercials or waiting a week (or months) between episodes. I love me some instant gratification!

    And I was the same way–as soon as I saw that article about TB, I instantly started craving a chicken quesadilla, haha!

  7. In regards to #6, WHO DOES THAT? That’s just wrong.

    #10 – Become a UK fan and you’ll be okay with being a Kentucky-dweller.

    And #11 – Love the hairz-cutz, friend. (I can’t say it the normal way… always with the z’s for some reason.)

  8. I do the same thing with TV shows. It’s HORRIBLE. Right now it’s Smallville. I seriously might catch up to the 10th season before it ends and I’ve only been watching it sense fall. SERIOUSLY.

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