Don’t be a Stranger

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As anyone in law school knows, and anyone who is thinking about law school will find out, fall of your 2L year feels like a tornado. A cyclone of class, interviews, applications, and job hunting. We are merely two days away from fall break and I already feel like I have a full semester behind me.

In the midst of this storm, you are preparing for interviews, updating your resume and combing your writing samples for mistakes. You get to know your resume like the back of your hand, and are ready to answer any question that might come your way. Let’s just put it this way…you definitely want to be candid, but you don’t want to be surprised in an interview.

This is why it was odd that while I was going through the interview process this fall, I suddenly found myself going off script.

I was sitting in an interview one Friday afternoon when I was asked about my previous summer experience. Softball right. OK. I told them about my writing, about going to court with the attorneys, and the special projects I was a part of. But then, I was asked, “What was the most important thing you learned from that experience.”

Before I could think about it, I said, “How to see people.” Immediately, in my head, I panicked. What was I saying?! How to see people, come on. That’s not a concrete answer. They are probably wondering what’s wrong with me. Not surprisingly, I was asked to explain.

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