All Dolled Up

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” ~ Yves Saint-Laurent

Alright.  So here’s the thing- I just recently figured out how to buy makeup.

This might sound ridiculous coming from a 20-err-something.  Ok, late something.  So I really have no excuse.  But it is the truth.  To be honest, I’ve always been a “buy your makeup where you buy your groceries” kind of girl.  True confession…I just got my first eye shadow a little under a year ago before me and the Husband got married.

It is not that I don’t like makeup.  I just never knew what to buy.  And on those rare occasions when I did purchase makeup from somewhere other than where I picked up my bananas for breakfast, I wouldn’t how to use it.  Then it just ends up in the drawer of death.   You know what I’m talking about.  That one drawer in your bathroom that is just a bottomless pit of unusable items, old mascara, stretched out hairbands and an ungodly amount of bobby pins.

But right before I started working after law school, I decided I really needed to figure this whole thing out.  I needed to figure out how to avoid that odd thing that happens around 2-2:30 everyday when you go into the bathroom, look at the mirror and think, “Sheesh, I don’t remember walking out of the house looking like THAT.”

Luckily, through a couple of trips to Ulta leading up my wedding last year, and an incredibly helpful woman there, I had gathered the perfect trifecta of makeup.

1. Laura Geller’s Waterproof Eye Spackle.
I’m an eye girl.  Give me a good moisturizer, a little bit of eyeliner, and mascara and I could take on the world.  The problem is keeping the eyeliner where you put it first thing in the morning.  This is my new secret weapon.  I originally bought it to be a primer on my eyelids for eye shadow, but once I saw how well it worked for that, I decided try it under my eyes to see if it could fix my eyeliner problem.  It worked perfectly.

This eye spackle is so easy to use.  It clicks like a pen, so it doesn’t make a mess.  They I use my ring finger to lightly dab (remember to be gentle around your eyes because of delicate skin) the spackle on my eyelids and right under my eyes.   Even though it is called spackle, it is so light you don’t even know it’s there. It applies smoothly and blends easily.  It holds the eyeshadow in place,  brightens up the eye area, and keeps your eyeliner put for the day.

While it was more expensive than what I usually spent on makeup ($23 at Ulta), a little bit goes a long way.  I started using it last October and just this summer had to buy a new one.  So it is well worth it!

2. Laura Geller Matte Maker.
Again, the main problem for me, and what prompted me to really look into expanding my makeup bag, was the problem with my makeup just not staying.  No one wants to be a hot mess by 2.

What the spackle is for eyes, this is for powders.  I originally got this for the wedding.  It was recommended to me by the woman who did my makeup when I asked if/how I should do touch-ups through the night.  She said this was all I needed.  And she was right.

I use it to set my makeup in the morning.  It is the second to last thing I put on, so I brush it on right before mascara.  It’s lightweight, invisible, and doesn’t create lines during the day.   It keeps your skin oil-free and give you a natural matte finish.

Once again, it is a bit more expensive ($24 at Ulta) but like the spackle, I got my powder almost a year ago and haven’t had to get any since.  Keeping my makeup looking as fresh at 5pm Happy Hour as it did right after I put it on in the morning makes it worth every penny.

theyre real3.  Benefit They’re Real Mascara.
Like I said, I’m an eye girl.  So it was only a matter of time until I decided to create a big girl makeup bag with a killer mascara.

Someone recommended I try this a couple months ago and I’m so glad I did.  I always thought all mascara was created equal but I have been so impressed with the dramatic results you can get with this product.  Plus, no eyelash curler is needed.  Great look + extra time in the morning = perfect.

BUT…here is my disclaimer.  It is a royal pain to get off.  I wash my face every night and the first night after using this mascara, I could not get it off.  The good news is though, on my next trip to the grocery store, I picked up some eye makeup remover wipes and the problem was solved.

So all that to say, try the They’re Real Mini ($10 at Ulta) before you commit.  First of all, because you may decide its not worth the hassle of removing it.  Second, because of the price.  Again, I was used to buying $6  mascara so before I paid $23 I wanted to make sure I liked it.

Why is it worth $23? It lengthens, adds volume, curls and defines your lashes, plus it goes on evenly.  I was honestly amazed at the effect.  The fact that you can just brush on two coats and be done with it makes it the perfect companion for lazy or crazy weekends/days where you don’t have the time to go all out.  Moisturizer, a little powder, They’re Real, and you’re out the door.




One thought on “All Dolled Up

  1. Girlie,
    I just may try this. I use Mary Kay mascara, about $23 bucks but works great and easier to remove. And I am over the hill so to speak, and I still don’t do make-up much, but this maybe doable even for the old girls!

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